602, 2015

CPBC License

To all my past and future clients. Please!!, when your going through the home buying process and your doing your  due diligence in finding the right professionals, when hiring a home inspection company, please, make sure the inspector is licensed with Consumer Protection BC. They should and must provide this card when asked, be sure […]

402, 2015

Condo inspections.

Yesterday’s inspection included a PO/CO condo unit. There are many things to look for in a strata run condo unit. When the client or clients arrive to view the condo, they will take in (view) the exterior of the building, they should be looking for how tidy and neat the landscaping is?, what kind of […]

302, 2015

Leaky roof!!

Saturday’s inspection included this 50’s bungalow, I think it would be a safe presumption that the roof is leaking!!, sure enough, when I entered the home water penetration into the living space could be seen. To avoid additional damage caused by water penetration, it’s a good idea to have your roof covering checked accordingly to […]

302, 2015

First time buyers!!

To all my young clients out there, interest rates are at a all time low, which makes getting into your first condo or detached single family w. A suite, easier than ever, beats paying rent anyday!! Hands on Home Inspections is offering at least a 10% discount to all young couples buying there first home.

Sincerely, […]

3001, 2015

Today’s inspection, revealed wood siding rot, paint must have been applied to damp, wood siding, thus causing the wood to rot under the paint.

2901, 2015

Multiple inspection types

 it’s a mobile home, condo, or a detached single family, Hands On Home Inspections can take care of it for you!!

1301, 2015

Take A Look At the Hands On Home Truck

I recently had the truck designed to match my new branding. What do you think?


812, 2014

New Website!

We have just launched our all new website.