This past Saturday I was asked to go down to Garden Bay to inspect a retirement home for a client, well that’s what I’m all about I said, let’s go!! The inspection day was great, clients were onsite as well as the sellers, everything went smooth, I did what I had to do and my clients went over some of the homes features with the homeowners. This is a review I received from my clients today.

Hi Steve,

Attached is the review that we’ll upload to Vancouver BBB and HomeStars. Feel free to use this as a testimonial on your web page.

Thanks again!
We are in the process of buying our fifth house. We have hired three previous home inspectors (one inspector twice). This was our first time working with Steve. He exceeded our expectations in a big way! The house we are buying is located on the Sunshine Coast and Steve needed to commute via the ferry. He was punctual. Steve made it to ferry line-up in Horseshoe Bay before us. During the inspection, Steve was thorough. He was methodical and he did not rush. He took photographs of each issue. He was also pleased to have us accompany him and he was candid, honest, yet respectful. The house we are buying has a fast closing date but Steve was able to complete this inspection on very short notice because he did so on his day off! Early the following morning, Steve emailed us his completed 28-page report replete with photographs of each issue. I can’t image how another home inspector could improve upon what Steve delivered. He was personal, communicative, and courteous to us as the buyers and to the sellers who were also present during the inspection. It is so clear that Steve is in the right career! He is skilled, experienced, and friendly. This is a no-brainer review: 10/10!!

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