Monthly Archives: June 2015

1606, 2015

Vancouver BBB

Hands On Home Inspections ltd. Was a finalist!!, thank you to all my past and future clients!!

1406, 2015

Cottage insurance

Yesterday my services were needed up in cottage country, Harrison Lake!!, the insurance company insuring this cottage wanted a WETT inspection done on the wood stove. For those of you who don’t know what this means, it’s a visual inspection of the system, including clearances from combustibles, wood stove, interior stove pipe, exterior chimney. WETT […]

806, 2015


Hello to all my past and future clients!!, today;s inspections included this early 90’s home in Gibson’s, BC.!!

706, 2015

Condo inspection

Today’s inspections included a one bedroom condo in this beautiful building near down town Vancouver, BC.!!

306, 2015

Property condition inspection.

Yesterday I was able to help new clients with their decision to purchase this late 80’s home!!