Monthly Archives: April 2015

2704, 2015

Northern Properties.

Hi all, here’s a few more photos I’d like to share, properties I inspected last week, 100 Mile House, Burns Lake, and check-out the size of this propane space heater the owner of that Fort St. John property was using to heat his home, this thing must really pump out the BTU’s as propane burns […]

2604, 2015

Fort St. John, BC.

Hi all, last week I was working in the Peace Region, for a Vancouver based property maintenance company. This 20 acre parcel property is located in Fort St. John. The green building was actually the home, and there’s several outbuildings, including a garage/carport area. My job is to report on the condition of the buildings […]

2504, 2015

Peace Region

Hi all, periodically I travel up to the Peace Region to do inspection work. This home is one of the properties I was looking at, located in Fort Fraser, BC.

2304, 2015

Wood heat!!

Hi all, hey check-out this old RSF wood stove I came across the other day when I was out of town doing inspection work.